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About Us

Sourcing of Materials:
BANDY Woodworks uses exclusively salvaged wood. This term can mean many things: trees that have fallen or died due to natural causes; urban trees that were removed because of danger or disease; even lumber that is too short, too narrow, or otherwise judged "inferior" and has no commercial value. Ironically, it is this "undesirable" high character wood that often inspires our most beautiful work.

Custom Furniture:
Custom woodwork is exactly that: your ideas and needs become reality. Coming up with a concrete plan can be a daunting task, which is why we also help with furniture design and advice about which materials and techniques would work best for your project. We will also do an initial site visit in or near the city of Pittsburgh free of charge to see your space and discuss details in person. Once final plans are agreed upon, a 25% deposit is required for any work to begin with the balance due upon delivery. We will communicate with you on a regular basis about the status of your piece (such as the status of drying wood) and usually will double-check important dimensions/design elements, which often change over the course of a project. At the end, our goal is to deliver to you exactly what you imagined, only better.

Children's Toys, Cutting Boards, Etc:
We keep an inventory of several dozen different smaller items such as baby rattles, building blocks, cutting boards, coat racks, etc. that are available for immediate delivery.  All pre-made items are held to our same standards of quality and design but priced (and sized) to fit a smaller budget.  Infant toys are finished with a house-made jojoba oil and beeswax finish, which is not only non-toxic but entirely edible.  Other toys are finished with AFM Safecoat oil-wax or left unfinished as in the case of the blocks.  Cutting boards are finished with several treatments of an all-natural, plant-based block oil.  All items in our inventory are available for purchase at  Cutting boards are often not listed because of the quick inventory turnaround time (each one is unique); if there is a size/style you would like, please send a message to




Serving the Pittsburgh, PA area since 2011


As our business grows, we are constantly finding new ways to deliver salvaged material to our clients.  Interested in donating wood, trees, or time?  Please contact